Payment Terms:

All orders are to be prepay unless credit terms have been established. First-time customers are required to prepay the first order. A minimum deposit of 50% of the estimated total is due upon proposal acceptance, with the balance due per terms as shown on the contract. On-site additions will be billed the day after load out with terms of Net 15. Customer is responsible for all sales taxes.



Pricing does not include shipping, handling, storage, taxes, or installation unless otherwise noted. All prices are subject to change prior to confirmation of the order by signed contract or purchase order.



Labor rates are quoted per 10-hour day, from arrival time to departure time, with overtime (1.5) after 10 hours of work and double-time (2x) after 15 hours of work, per 24-hour day. Turnaround time applies in cases where there is less than 8 hours between working shifts. Unless specifically stated, there is a 10-hour minimum billable day. Travel days are billed as full 10-hour days.



Visional Productions LLC maintains its equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Any equipment issues must be reported immediately. Visional Productions LLC will not be responsible for problems reported after the project. Visional Productions LLC does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for the equipment other than it being in working order when delivered.



A cancellation fee of 50% of total project is applicable for a cancellation 31 or more days from ship date. A cancellation fee of 75% of total project is applicable for a cancellation 15-30 days from ship date. A cancellation fee of 100% of total project is applicable for a cancellation 1-14 days from ship date.


Liability for Loss or Damage of Equipment:

Any loss or damage of Visional Productions LLC equipment or equipment that Visional Productions LLC has rented from another provider will be paid for by the customer. The customer further agrees to pay for any charges incurred in recovering equipment not properly returned. A certificate of insurance must be provided to Visional Productions LLC when renting equipment for orders not utilizing Visional Productions LLC employees to handle all of the related labor. Insurance provided must be adequate to cover the replacement of all items rented (minimum $1M/$1M/$2M). In the event of a loss, the value of the rented equipment will be the current manufacturers list price at the time of loss plus shipping and taxes. Additional rental fees will be charged to cover loss of rental during the downtime.


Marketing Fair Use:

Unless contractually agreed upon, Visional Productions LLC reserves the right to acquire images from project sites and use them for marketing and research purposes, including print and digital media, with proper credit and attribution to the designer, producer, and other depicted parties as appropriate. Likewise, use of images or likenesses of Visional equipment, design content, or personnel requires prior authorization and proper attribution.


Additional Terms:

All equipment provided by Visional Productions LLC unless listed as a sale item within the proposal, is provided on a rental basis only and is the property of Visional Productions LLC. Customer is responsible for any and all copyright licensing fees associated with playing any media during the rental period. This contract shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of Georgia. This contract can only be modified by written agreement signed between the parties.


as of 1.22