COVID-19 has the event world canceling shows right and left, so what’s next?

It doesn’t have to be a total loss -- Visional can help you navigate the changes with Virtual Events and XR (Extended Reality) technologies. We have the tools and experience to help you move your clients’ events online, so they can still get their message out and recoup lost revenue.

Virtual Event
Digital Learning Platforms

Move Events & Learning Online

Visional can provide Virtual Events solutions that are fully brandable, custom online experiences where attendees can view live presentations and interact in real-time. With per-user pricing and payment gateway management, we can help rebuild the lost revenue stream that’s crippling the industry, and Virtual Events can have the same production quality as traditional live events, with broadcast switching and presentation management, even for remote presenters.

Extended & Augmented Reality Event Platforms

Think Outside the Box

With XR (Extended Reality), we can take the WOW factor of a live event online by 3D compositing live presentations and graphics in real-time to create a unique visual experience for attendees. Using motion-tracked cameras and interactive graphics technology like Notch and Unreal Engine, we can create an experience that is perfectly designed for a virtual audience.

Partnerships are based on trust.

Our clients are our partners, and our partners’ clients are none of our beeswax. Visional’s goal is to help you develop your ideas into cutting-edge visuals that you and your clients will love, and that’s it. Visional has partnered with AV companies, integrators and agencies around the world to develop and execute crazy ideas and napkin drawings.

We want you to consider us an extension of your company, and we know that’s a fine line… we just want you to know that we take it seriously, and we respect your relationship with your client.

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