Visional once again had the amazing opportunity to provide media servers and screen control for the 2019 Passion Conferences. Check out the article below recently featured on Projection Lights and Staging News.

Passion Conferences are part of the Passion movement, a decades-old series of events created by Louie and Shelley Giglio. It has hosted more than a million students since its inauguration in 1997 in Austin, Texas for the purpose to “unite college students for a spiritual awakening in this generation.”

That first gathering had 2,000 attendees. Now in its 21st year, Passion 2019 attracted over 40,000 young adults, aged 18-25, to the three-day conferences held at four different venues in three host cities in early January.

Passion booked two arenas in Atlanta to serve the South — State Farm and Infinite Energy. Students from the Northeast met at The Anthem in Washington, D.C., while farther west, the Theatre at Grand Prairie outside of Dallas served as the fourth location.

The core creative team at Passion Conferences includes Jonathan Sheehan, Chase Hall and Taylor Charboneau. Sheehan, as global brand curator and director of events, is responsible for all large conferences and events, overseeing everything from sales to programming. He has been with the Passion over 12 years. As Passion’s production manager, Taylor has been overseeing the production teams since 2016. Chase Hall, production designer for Passion City Church, has also served as the lighting designer for the Passion Conferences for the last three years.

Due to the complexity of managing four different venues simultaneously, Sheehan hired production designer Nathan Paul Taylor and U.K.-based production management company Black and White Live, led by Ian Cattle, for an assist. His company has produced the Passion Conference since 2013 and, prior to that, Cattle has worked with Passion on their World Tours.

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